diy solar power system

Welcome to my site. I hope I can provide you with some helpful information.

If you’re here on my site that means you’re looking for guidance to set up your diy home solar power system. Its not hard but it might seem overwhelming at first. Keep in mind there are five main components required for a total solar system.

  • Solar panels
  • controller
  • inverter-charger
  • batteries
  • generator

Each component has a special function. Solar panels are needed to gather the energy from the sun while the control directs the energy to the inverter-charger and batteries. The inverter-charger converts the energy from DC( direct current or 12V, 24V, 48V) to a usable 110 volts to operate your house hold. The batteries store the energy collected by the solar panels to be used at night or cloudy days. This component is used as a backup power source. You can always add a wind turbine if your live in a windy location.

You can purchase solar panels or build your own. it’s relative simple. Get some broken solar cells to practice on at first. This gives your an idea what a cell looks like and how brittle it is. Every though they are broken they produce some energy. After your practice with them then purchase your unbroken cells and build a panel.


The first component to purchase is the controller or the brains of the diy solar power system. The size of control various considerably. If you have a tiny house then you don’t need as big a unit as a big house. You can us a 12Volt controller but for a larger house you can use a 24volt controller. If you were like me,

I used a RV furnace, and some lights, from a wrecked RV so I used a 12volt controller but could switch to 24Volt if needed. You want a controller that can handle at least 30 amps but 60 amps is better. Depends upon your budget but keep in mind you probably will add panels to your solar array.

Inverter charger

A very important component is the inverter that changes the sun’s energy from DC (direct current – like your car ) to household current of 110 volts.

Keep in mind there are several types of inventors. normal ones, modified pure shine inventors, and pure shine inventors. For solar please use only the pure shine. Your computer will thank you along with the TV and any electronics.

You want one that also can charge your batteries as its powering your house. Also, most have a way to send a signal to your generator to start if when the energy from your panels aren’t producing a set amount of energy. You also want an inverter-charger that is big enough. Something around 4000 running watts. This should be sufficient to take care of your needs.

Investors are maintenance free. Just be sure that they don’t get hot or they may stop working. Yes, make sure that they have a built in fan. Most good inventors have built in fans for cooling.

I’ve underlined and put in bold the type of inverter because its very important. I’ve seen people lose their computers because of it.

Electric Generator

You system will run without a generator but at night or long continuous nights and days without sun or over usage of power a generator will be very useful. They come in many differed output ranges. As a general rule a generator that has a 4000 watt ratting should do the trick but if you can get a 5000 watt. My system runs run a 4500 watt ( or 3550 continuous running watts) which powers two small houses for lights, TV, heaters, two small refrigerators, and several lights.

I also have a 4500 watt electric start generator which I have that the inverter can start when power in batteries become to low. Its good to have a back up generator in case one goes down you won’t be left in the dark. I live in an area without public power so I rely totally on solar system to provide my electricity.


I’m sure your aware that there are many types of batteries out there. Please do not be overwhelmed There’s your normal auto battery, marine batteries, motorcycle, golf carts, and many others.

It depends upon your budget. A good reliable battery is a deep cycle ( marine ) battery. The price is around $100 each. A Trojan battery is about $200 and up. You can get fork lift batteries and there are around $700 and up. I personnely have 8 deep cycle batteries and plan on adding 8 more to give me more back up power for night.

Total  diy solar power  for homes

So you should have a good idea of the components needed for a total solar home system. From collecting the sun’s energy, to controlling how the energy is utilized, to the energy being converted , to storing the energy, to providing backup power for those snowy days or many days of cloudy weather.

Also getting through the night with power so your aren’t sitting in the dark. Remember when the neighbors call you to ask if your power went out you can smile to yourself because your TV is on.

All the above mentioned equipment is readily available. I have geared my site to anyone who wants to live off grid and live very comfortably. I personally have lived off grid ( no public power ) for over 5 years. My system has about 900 watts of solar power supplying all my needs.

Your solar panels will even generate some power when its cloudy.

I’m currently helping and training my daughter about solar and we are building solar panels together and she’s purchasing controller and inverter. Anybody can do it.

I am here if you get stuck or frustrated. I’ve been there but you aren’t alone. Leave me a message. Hope you enjoy setting up your system. You will be proud when you have it up and running. NO ELECTRIC BILLS.






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