Building your solar system – Part 7

This is last step in building your solar panel.

Note: For this step use a cheap paint brush to spread the glue. It will be ruined. About 1 1/2″ brush.

Note: Parts – plywood 1/2″, same size of glass. Also large black trash bag.

1. Being very careful lift each string and sit on top of the other closest to you. You should have the back
3/4 of the glass free of anything. Clean that part of the glass. Slide the strings toward the back and
clean the rest of the glass. If you get flux on glass remove with razor and window cleaner.

2. Take the encapsulation and mix in a metal bowl or glass. Its going to ruined so if you don’t have an old
one pick one up at goodwill or a yard sale or dollar store. Try to stir gently so as not to create

3. Pour almost half of mixed glue in open area of glass. Use paint brush to spread glue. Lift panels in
order and lay in glue starting in the back working forward. Wiggle the string around just a bit. This
gets glue on negative side and there will be less bubbles. Now pour about a 1/8 of glue on remaing
glass then sit string closest to you in glue next to you and wiggle a little. Now dribble the remaining
glue around the positive side of cells. Carefully spread with paint brush. The positive side should look

4. Now gently lay the large black trash bag on top of glue covering entire panel. Lay plywood on top of
plastic trash bag. Lay some small weight on corners and middle of wood. Not to heavy. Like a pound each.
Allow to dry about 1 hour if its not to hot. Then remove plywood and very gently start pealing off the
plastic little at a time from corners on one end toward the other. Now let it cure over night. Before
you move it. It you can wait another day do that.

WOW. You should be proud of yourself for completing a 70 watt solar panel.


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