Building your solar system – Part 6

Before we get started we need to do a few things.

Note: Parts – Solar encapsulant

Need to order Solar Cell Encapsulant to protect your solar cells from weather. I’ve tried many but most didn’t work well, or ever dry, or so very expensive. Solar Cell Encapsulant, QSil 216, For DIY and Commercial Solar. USA made. This dries very quick.

You now need to get the solar cells you soldered the tabbing wire on.

1. Put the small piece of glass you used when soldering the tabbing wire on solar cells and lay on glass in the frame.

2. Take one solar cell that you attached tabbing wire to and lay gray side (positive ) up. Take a second cell with tabbing wire attached and lay next to the other one at about 1/8 inch apart with positive side up. The tabbing wire should reach across the second cell covering each spot on the cell. The tabbing wire on the second cell so be hanging out on other side for next cell. Plug in your soldering iron to get hot.

3. Now use flux pen and dab the spots on the positive side. Take soldering iron and run it over the tabbing wire across the second cell. Repeat this process for total of 9 solar cells. Keep in mind that the tabbing wire goes from the negative side to positive side of the next cell for all cells. 


4. Take a solar cell that’s tabbed and flip over and tab on the spots with flux pen on positive side and solder on a length of tabbing wire going in the other direction of previous tabbing wire. You should have tabbing wires attached on positive and negative sides.

5. Solder this last solar cell to the others so that you will now have 10 cells attached together. On end
of string should have a set of tabbing wires coming off the negative side and a set of tabbing wires
coming off the positive side. Leave you cells with positive side facing you and negative side facing the

Note:  If you worked from right to left start next string working from left to right. So the 2nd string
positive side tabbing wires should be on the reverse of 1st string and the same for the 3rd string
positive side tabbing wires should be on oppisite side of 2nd string. The 4th string the positive side
tabbing wires should the oppisiate side of the 3rd. In other words ever other solar cell string
should be going in the oppisate direction.

Were almost done making the solar panel. Your doing very well.  You will be a master after you complete your second panel. It will go much quicker

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