Building your solar system – Part 5

We’ll now be  working on attaching the glass and some wire to the frame.

Note: Parts – Clear glass, stainless steel bolts, tap and drill bit, wire cable.

  1.  With the frame complete and you check it to make sure its strong you need to call several glass companies who do tempered glass. Use tempered glass if you have heavy snow or large hail storms it not standard glass should probably do. Measure the inside from inside the corner brackets you brazed in both directions and call to get  estimates. I like using tempered glass so I never have to worry. Purchase clear 3/16 ” thick glass. Be sure to take frame with you when you go to glass shop. This way there is no mistake because their the one measuring it.
  2. So now that you have completed acquiring the glass we can mount it in the frame.
  3.  You need to go to Home Depot or Lowes to get a length of aluminum that’s . While in store also purchase stainless steel bolts ( 8/32″ x 3/4″ ) and a tap and drill bit  for that size. While in hardware store purchase wire cable that is stranded copper and 2 wires  in two colors. Use 14 awg and about 4′ of wire. Also purchase a drill bite same size of the wire.
  4.  When you have acquired the aluminum you need  cut it in small 4″ lengths. You need to cut 5 each.
  5. With the frame laying upside down with glass inside sit two 4″ pieces on both of the longest sides. Position them about 8″ from the corner and use one of your “c ” clamps to secure to frame. Clamp in the middle of the aluminum piece.  Make sure the pieces are  pressed up against the glass.  The open side of the channel should be against the frame.

6. Drill two holes on each side of the 4″ piece then use the tap to thread the holes. (note: you can use your vice                   grip clamped on the tap to turn it ) Put tap in your drill and run it in the holes. Now tighten a bolt into each                   hole from the inside. You can file or grind off the excess bolt protruding out of frame . Now lay last 4″                             aluminum piece at one end of frame in the center. Proceed as you did on the sides.

7. Now cut a piece of aluminum about 15″ and lay it on the remaining end of frame centered.Next step you have                to been careful. Using your sharpie pin mark where you need to drill a hole for the wire dead enter of frame                   (end without aluminum attached yet). Mark it so as the hole will be just barely above the glass. Now mark                    and  remove the other 5 aluminum pieces you previously attached and set glass aside. Drill hole and file of                    rough  edges and replace glass.

        8.Push your wire your purchased through the hole and slide it through so the wire extends to the edge of the                    frame. Now strip the outside cable so the two wires are exposed but not bare wires.Take one wire and run it to              the left and one wire to the right. Both wires should touch the side of the frame. Sit the channel you cut (15″                  aluminum ) against the side of frame with open side against the frame making sure the wire is inside of                          channel. Clamp both sides about 6″ from each end of the channel and drill and tap the two holes. One on each              side of clamp. Screw in the bolts and trim excess

                   Awesome. You are now ready to finish by  laying the solar cells down.


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