Building your Solar system-Part 3

Hope that you are enjoying this experience. Once you have completed a panel you will be very excited and proud of yourself for a job well done. Your on your way to developing a home solar system.

Let me give you a bit of solar photovoltaic information before we go to next step.

When you bought the solar cells they should have given you the specifics. Such as the watts and voltage each cell puts out. Usually between 1 and 2 watts and  .5 volts.  Here is a formula to jot down.  Watts (P for power )/voltage (V)= amperage ( I or current) ) or  P/V=I.  So for example your cells are 1.75 watts and .5 volts then your amperage output will be 3.5 amps. Now lets say you are using 40 cells.  1.75 (P ) ea X  40 = 70 watts and 40 X .5 (amps) = 20 volts.+We are going to build a solar panel of 40 cells. . So 70 watts total, 20 volts total and 3.5 amps total. Amperage will stay the same because we will be wiring in parallel. You’ll get a hang of this as you progress in your learning curve with photovoltaic.

 Note: Parts list – Be sure to order 40 + cells

Ok. Enough of that. Lets get down to preparing for a string of cells.

  1. You should have about 83 wires pre-cut and marked and ready to solder.
  2. We are going to make 4 rows  of 10 cells wired together.
  3. Lay one cell positive side down and solder both tabbing wires on the negative side of  cell. Your going to do this on 40 cells. So you should have a stack of 40 solar cells with tabbing wire attached on negative side. Set them aside in a safe place.  Your looking good. Hope your getting excited.

4. Now lets take a break from soldering for a while.Now your going to work on putting together as solar panel                   frame. Move onto part 4

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