Building you solar panel part 2

Building your home solar system Part 2 cells

I assuming that you already purchased your solar cells.

Hope you are ready to begin making your diy home power system.

Note: Parts list – glass pain, dikes. 

Just a suggestion.  Stop by Home Depot or Lowes and get a piece of window pain glass ( 8 X 10 ). Shouldn’t be more than couple dollars. The helps dissipate the heat from the soldering iron and the solar cells. You may have a piece of glass in your garage. You will also need a small pair of dikes (wire cutters ) to cut the tabbing wire and bus wire.

( Note: here is picture of positive side (gray) and negative site (blue ) ).

1. First lay two cells down with both cells  face up. Remember that blue or shinny side is positive side.

2. Lay them about 1/8″ apart from one another. (see picture)

3. Take the tabbing wire ( the very narrow one that you purchased )and lay across the top of cells on the metal strip.

4. The tabbing wire (narrow wire) should reach from edge, but not over, and reach across to other cell to edge (  about  6 1/16″ ) This is the size of all the wires your will be pre-cutting . Hint ( take a sharpie ( black ) pin and put a dot on the side of wire that’s face up on the roll that you pulled out to cut. This is the side that you will have facing up because the other side is pre-soldiered.)

5. So each short strip you cut should have a black dot on it. A addition hint is to mark the glass from edge to point of tabbing wire end to cut at. You should probably now cut about 90 tabbing wire strips all the same. Put 22 pre-cut tabbing wires in each  zip lock baggie. Put the extras in bag by itself because these will be spares.

(this is what it looks like when its soldered on the cell)

4. Plug in the soldiering iron to get it heated up. It will take about 5 minutes. ( be very careful its very hot and can burn you).

5. The tabbing wire your purchased are pre-soldiered on one side. So no need to be soldiered with soldier.

6. If all is well lets get soldering.

7. Take the flux pen and run it along the metal strip of negative side (shinny ).This will allow the bus wire to stick.

8. Keep in mind these are very fragile and break so easy.

9. Hold the tabbing wire with one finger and slowly drag the soldier iron from one end to the other. Lets do the other metal strip next to it. So now both metal strips now have a tabbing wire that’s attached.

10. Gently lift the wire to make sure its connected. If not repeat process. This is why we are practicing so don’t worry. It takes some getting use to. As they say practice makes perfect.

11. Now you can test the bulb and meter. do this out side in the sun. Your voltage should have be around 1 to 2 volts. Ok  Go ahead and do a couple times on another couple cells. You will get the feel for it and the amount of time it takes to drag the soldier iron over the bus wire.

When you have mastered this we will move on to preparing 40 cells for a complete panel.

As always if you encountered any problems or have questions please feel free to email me at:

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